The Yale Whiffenpoofs Return to Balfour

An annual Balfour Senior Living tradition continues! The Yale Whiffenpoofs performed here in the Chautauqua Room at The Lodge at Balfour. They were joined on stage by Boulder resident and Whiffenpoof alumnus, Oakleigh Thorne, for their traditional closing number.
The Yale Whiffenpoofs are a collegiate a cappella singing group. Established at Yale University in 1909, it is the oldest such group in the United States. The line-up is completely replaced each year. Former members include Cole Porter and Jonathan Coulton.


“The Whiffenpoof Song”, the group’s traditional closing number, is a four part male-voice choral song and was published in sheet music form in 1909. For the lyric Meade Minnigerode (Yale 1910) and George S. Pomeroy (Yale 1910) adapted Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Gentlemen-Rankers”. The poem had already been set to music by Tod B. Galloway (Amherst, 1885) and the sheet music copyrighted in 1909 and 1918 and again in 1936.


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