Quality in Life

For those who appreciate the finer things, who want a life filled with choice and possibilities, with places to go, things to do, and people to meet, Balfour is the only upscale senior living community that has curated a continuum of care and a retirement experience just for you, so that you feel at home, surrounded by all your favorite creature comforts; a staff ready to tend to your every whim and desire; and an ever-changing selection of events, social engagements, and activities.

Basking in the sunlight, you sip on a glass of sparkling wine out on the patio, nibbling on a thin slice of green apple and Manchego cheese, surrounded by picturesque views. This is the high life. It’s the best of living at home, combined with the best of a boutique hotel experience. You’re surrounded by all of your creature comforts, with every need tended to and your friends and family close by. Everything you could want is within arm’s reach. All that’s left is for you to smile and enjoy another beautiful day at Balfour.

There’s no place like Balfour because there’s no one like you.
For those who wish to continue living a rich and dynamic life, Balfour is the only senior community offering a continuum of care and a retirement experience that is carefully curated specifically for you. We cater to all of your interests, hobbies, passions, and pursuits, so you can continue doing what you love, surrounded by the friends and family who love you.

For all of you artists and engineers, painters and poets — you lawyers, doctors, world-travelers and chefs — you life-long partners and outdoor enthusiasts — it’s time to join us and share the next chapter of your life together — to meet new people, explore new places — to indulge, rejuvenate and relax in the bounty of life. Balfour is uniquely yours.
There is no place like us because there is no one like you. Balfour was built with you in mind. We offer the life you desire surrounded by all the trappings of your home, with a professional staff tending to your every need, surrounded by a community of people as dynamic, unique and interesting as you are. What will you do today? What will you do together?

For those who are searching for a place to call home with all the comforts they’re used to, surrounded by people and activities they enjoy, Balfour is the only senior living community with a continuum of care offering a retirement experience designed to feel like a luxurious home estate with lavish appointments, pampering amenities, and a staff to tend to their every whim.

A home is more than bricks and beams. It’s a collection of memories, stories, and experiences. It’s a place that sets you up to explore as much of the world as you’d like, and it’s a place to return to that’s warm, comfortable, beautiful, and safe. A home isn’t built, it is made. A home can be anywhere because a home begins and ends in the heart.
Balfour is home to the most vibrant, interesting, creative, and compelling group of residents anywhere. It’s home to a staff whose passionate expertise ensures the proper care of everyone under our roof. It’s home to the best and brightest of a generation. Won’t you join us? There are memories to be had, laughter to be shared, and stories to be told.

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