News: Balfour Sugar Village Signals the Holiday Season

Balfour at Lavender Farms Culinary Team Brings Sweet Delight to Residents

November 30, 2020

Balfour at Lavender Farms Executive Chef, Chalio Contreras, and his culinary staff have been working endless hours over the last few months preparing their Balfour Sugar Village for Balfour residents to enjoy throughout the holiday season.

During this pandemic-riddled year, Chef Chalio has felt it even more important to be sure this holiday tradition continued. With visiting restrictions firmly in place, Chef Chalio opted to move the village from its usual location in the main lobby of the community to the northwest corner of the building so that family and friends can enjoy the Village from outside the large windows of the room.

This is Chef Chalio’s eleventh consecutive year creating villages. Prior to building his villages at Balfour Lavender Farms, he has built villages in luxury senior living communities in Southern California. Chef’s culinary skills from senior communities and The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Laguna Niguel bring a richness to every meal for Balfour residents.

The Balfour Sugar Village, measuring 22 feet by 5 feet, is viewable from outside the designated windows through December 31, 2020. Strict CDC guidelines with appropriate masking and social distancing must be followed while viewing the Balfour Sugar Village.

Here is the main ingredient list for the Balfour Sugar Village:
1,875 Small marshmallows
1,500 Jellybeans
1,300 Graham crackers
950 Large marshmallows
800 Vanilla waffle cookies
480 Egg whites
450 Coconut cookies
235 Pretzels
144 Pounds of confectioner’s sugar
120 Gingerbread men
100 Trees
80 Lavender cookies
73 Cars
12 Sets of string lights
8 Pounds of ground graham crackers
6 Candy canes
1 Electric train
1 Chandelier

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