How To Know Assisted Living Is The Right Choice

How to Know An Assisted Living Community Is the Right Choice

Decisions about care can become difficult as you or your loved one gets older. Aging adults may require more specialized care for a variety of reasons but deciding on the level of care necessary can be hard. Assisted living communities can offer aging residents a host of benefits and advantages, but how do you know when it’s time to take that step?

How to Know Someone Needs More Care

Making the decision to seek out more personalized care and customized accommodations for your senior loved one is no easy feat. Your first priority is to keep your loved one safe, happy, and healthy, but it can be hard finding the right time or circumstance to let you know that they shouldn’t be living alone. And how do you decide what type of care they really need? For some aging adults, cries for assistance come in big, obvious ways, while others’ situations and needs may be more subtle.

Big Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living

One of the largest signs that an aging adult may need assisted living is related to health. Seniors not only require more medical attention as they age, but when chronic conditions, accidents, or surgery-recoveries happen, it becomes a burden on both seniors and their caregivers. When your loved one requires specialized medical attention and care, it may be most beneficial to them to reside in assisted living facilities, which work around the clock to specialize each resident’s care.

Have you noticed that your loved one is having difficulties performing basic, daily activities? When everyday activities like managing medications, shopping, cooking, getting dressed, or doing the laundry have become difficult, it may be time to benefit from an assisted living community that takes care of those things for them.

Sometimes, caregivers may simply lack the time and/or space to care for their loved one properly. Though this often brings about feelings of guilt, doing what is best for the care of your loved one is most beneficial to everyone involved.

Smaller Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living

There are times when the decision to move your aging adult into an assisted living community isn’t so clear-cut or obvious. Sometimes the need is not as immediate, but it is just as important to seek help for your loved ones care if you can answer “no” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Is your loved one’s house cared-for, tidy, and regularly maintained?
  • Are they remembering to take medications, make appointments, pay bills, etc.?
  • Can they operate the appliances and electronics in the home safely?
  • Is your loved one able to get around safely, without falls or injuries?
  • Are they eating a healthy diet?
  • Does your loved one have regular visitors, stays close with friends, visits with family, etc.?

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities can provide continuous medical attention to residents, like on-site nurses and specially-trained staff. Residents are able to live independently, but within rooms and buildings that are designed specifically for the need of aging adults. Staff at these communities work to customize the experiences to suit the needs of each and every aging resident.

In addition to the physical and medical benefits offered by assisted living communities, seniors are also able to take part in social events with other residents their age, make friends, and enjoy community-based activities.

Assisted living communities work hard to provide aging adults with everything they need, but also the freedom to enjoy it.

Here at Balfour

Aging adults may need extra care, but providing their daily lives with joy and substance is just as essential. Here at Balfour Senior Living, we pride ourselves on protecting the safety and spirit of all our residents, with onsite, licensed nurses available 24/7 and customized living plans. We want our residents to live life to its fullest with nearly 200 events each month to participate in, meals cooked by our 4-star chefs, and activities and excursions to keep your loved one physically, socially, and mentally well.

For more about our worry-free, safe, and fun community, contact us today to speak to a Leasing Counselor here at Balfour.

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