Contemplation in Isolation

A Life Enrichment Activity Success at Balfour Riverfront Park located in Downtown Denver

“In mid-May of 2020, we launched a new contest for Balfour Riverfront Park residents called, “Contemplation in Isolation”. At the time, all residents were on a preventative quarantine, and spirits were a bit low. The idea of the contest was to focus energy into creating art! We have so much talent in our community between those who excel in the written word, as well as phenomenal visual artists who express themselves best through painting or sketches.

The way the contest worked was that each week I selected a topic and announced it in my weekly update letter. Residents had until the following Wednesday to submit a new, original work that relates to the topic. The winners had their work published in the following week’s communication for all Balfour residents and families to read. It was wonderful to see how many beautiful pieces of work were created during this difficult time. Thank you for taking the time to read this piece.”

Naomi Loebl, Executive Director


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