Assisted Living Levels Of Care

Continuum Of Care: Help Through All of Life’s Later Transitions

As we age, our needs naturally change and knowing the different opportunities that await is important to having and maintaining a great quality of life. One of the great things about Balfour is that we understand the importance of continuity, and we are proud to offer an exceptional continuum of care that keeps all of our residents’ changing needs in mind.

Independent Living

We at Balfour pride ourselves on the modern and innovative ways our independent living program exceeds the expectations of those searching for a new and healthy place to call home. Residents of our independent living program are able to enjoy an active lifestyle without the usual concerns of household maintenance, but even more importantly, our community of experts – from chefs to doctors – are at the service of our residents. When we say independent living, we mean our residents get to live carefree, because we take care of everything from home maintenance to meals and transportation, allowing our residents to have the time and space to pursue their passions.

Assisted Living

We believe in helping our residents maintain as much independence as possible and many of our residents will transition at some point to need help with a few activities of daily living. That’s how our assisted living differs from our independent living: Our residents are still able to live active, fulfilling lives while also receiving the experience and care of our professional staff who monitor your needs and provide a flexible level of care that changes with you.

Alzheimer’s and Memory Care

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that “one in 10 people age 65 and older (10 percent) has Alzheimer’s dementia” and the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s is expected to rise. Alzheimer’s can be a very difficult and confusing shift for our older residents, but we don’t believe having memory problems should diminish a person’s quality of life. We believe it is imperative that our residents stay as active and independent as possible so our Alzheimer’s and Memory Care services take into account the emotional well-being of our residents, as well as their mental and physical needs.

Skilled nursing

It’s comforting to know there is always someone there to help you with everything you need and Balfour’s skilled nursing staff and caregivers are there just for that. Whether our residents need around-the-clock care or short-term rehabilitation, our skilled nurses offer an exceptionally high level of care that meets the needs of our residents, wherever they are on their journey.

Continuum of Care

Perhaps the most important part of being a Balfour resident is our continuum of care, which sets us apart from any other independent living community. Socializing is a vital part of healthy aging, affecting our mental and physical health. In fact, experts say that cognitive abilities declined 70 percent slower in individuals with active social lives. Because of the structure of Balfour’s services, we adapt to the changing needs of our residents. Appropriately, the continuity theory posits that we adapt our inner and outer worlds as we age and that’s exactly what Balfour’s trained caregivers do.

Each shift that happens in our residents’ lives is met with patience, understanding, and a quality of care that offers safety and security without diminishing independence and dignity. Balfour’s continuum of care ensures that our residents never have to leave their home and friends; rather, they are always home, no matter where they are on their journey.

Choosing the right retirement community for our elder family members – or for ourselves – is an important and life-changing decision. At Balfour, we have designed our services to provide all of our residents with whatever level of care they need, through whatever transitions they encounter. This gives them – and their families – the comfort of knowing no matter what the future brings, we will be there with them and so will the many friends they will make as a member of our exclusive community of remarkable residents.

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