ASID Crystal Awards 2019 - Healthcare over 5K square feet

The Colorado Chapter of ASID strives to be the definitive resource for professional education and knowledge sharing, advocacy of interior designers’ right-to-practice, and expansion of interior design markets.

The Crystal Awards is held annually to honor those who have achieved excellence in Interior Design. Recognizing talent, hard work and dedication, the Crystal Awards is a unique opportunity to highlight your work and acknowledge the work of your peers.

Balfour Littleton, ASID Crystal Award 2019

ASID Crystal Awards 2019

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is the largest professional organization for interior designers representing all facets of both residential and commercial design. With more than 30,000 members nationally, ASID establishes a common identity for professionals and businesses in the field of interior design. The ASID Colorado Chapter is proud to represent more than 500 local ASID members.

Of the national society’s 20,000 practicing interior designers, 6,500 practice primarily in the commercial field with 4,000 practicing primarily as residential designers. The remaining 9,500 work in both commercial and residential design.

ASID’s national Industry Partners include more than 3,500 member firms and individual representatives, uniting the professional designer with manufacturers of design-related products and services. The Colorado Chapter includes nearly 100 Industry Partners. ASID’s membership also includes 7,500 students of interior design.

The association has 48 chapters throughout the United States and more than 450 international members. ASID was founded in 1975 with the consolidation of the American Institute of Decorators (AID) and the National Society of Interior Designers (NSID).

Professional members of ASID must pass rigorous acceptance standards which includes a combination of accredited design education and/or full-time work experience, and passing of a two-day accreditation examination (National Council for Interior Design Qualification – NCIDQ).

ASID promotes professionalism in interior design services and products for the workplace and home. To keep up with the unique needs of its members, ASID conducts independent research on topics related to the practice and business of the profession. ASID designers receive the most current information about appropriate materials, technology, building codes, government regulations, flammability standards, design psychology and product performance.

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