Palisades, DC

The design of Balfour at Palisades is inspired both by the rich history of architecture and design in the Washington DC area and the exciting and vibrant atmospheres at the world’s top restaurant and bar destinations.

The bones of the interior architecture are firmly rooted in neo-classical tradition. Grand archways, symmetry and traditional details give a sense of elegance and luxury. The lobby features a double height ceiling with an arched niche that houses the concierge. White walls adorned with metallic trim establish the sense of luxury the moment you walk in the door. A view into the courtyard is visible through the double height windows in the great room which is adorned with a balcony and double height bookcases that perfectly frame the view.

Against the elegant backdrop of the main public areas there is a collection of completely unique amenities spaces designed to keep things exciting for the residents. There are a variety of bars, and lounges with atmospheres ranging from edgy pink walls to exotic zebra prints. The various dining rooms have schemes ranging from an elegant garden with large scale classical landscape murals to Fletcher’s Boat House, which draws on the local history to create a relevant theme. The cabana themed fitness area operates not only as a space to exercise, but also to relax and socialize on chez lounges underneath the striped fabric ceiling. The pool continues this theme with glass mosaic tiles, striped pool deck and crisp white tiles in the locker rooms. The Madeline’s Salon is a burst of artful color meant to transport the residents to a completely different place, without even leaving the property.

Layer upon layer of varying atmospheres ensure that the residents can have a new experience every day and maintain their luxurious and exciting lifestyles.

You will love calling this place home.

Live Well. Live Balfour.

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