Balfour Cherrywood Village located in Louisville, CO is among a new generation of communities specifically designed to incorporate recent advances in the understanding and care of residents with memory loss. It is all about our commitment to the individual—treating each resident with the deference, dignity and attention he or she deserves.

Our approach is based on validation therapy rather than reality orientation. This means we tap into the strengths of our residents’ long term memory, their life histories and individual talents, instead of their weaker short term memory. This way, we meet our residents in their world and in their time. It’s most effective in helping individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia build friendships and gives them a real sense of purpose and joy.


Our goal is to nurture the spirit of our residents. Our staff is skilled in combining stimulation and relaxation with a healthy dose of ordinary daily activities such as folding linens, baking cookies and gardening.

We offer activities that help stimulate long-term memories and increase enjoyment of the moment, including pet therapy,
music therapy, massage, and aromatherapy. Reminiscing and sensory activities draw on our residents’ strengths, allowing them to reflect, engage, and talk about themselves.

Our care partners meet our residents where they are—in their world and in their time. Balfour Senior Living’s spirit of activity-filled days and nights, beautiful surroundings, and a collaborative, family-oriented community is a vision for a new generation of Memory Care/Alzheimer’s care-giving.

Also Available: Adult Day and Respite Program Amenities

  • A socially interactive and stimulating environment
  • Professional care giving staff trained in Alzheimer’s care
  • 24-hour care giving assistance with nurses (RN’s and LPN’s) on staff up to 10 hours per day
  • Access to all regularly scheduled programs and outings, meals, beauty salon, exercise and massage therapy (additional fees may apply)


The finest dining right at home

We know how important enjoying a meal together is to enriching any relationship, whether with your new friends in the community or entertaining loved ones who come to visit.

We have living rooms and dining rooms with three family style meals a day for social interaction. There’s even a kitchen for supervised baking. We’ve found that those wonderful aromas help release pleasant memories of times past.

Daily Scheduled Events & Activities

A full calendar every day of the month, because life should be lived to the fullest

Like all Balfour communities, we offer a full Life Enrichment program that’s essential for physical and mental well being. These programs are specially designed for people who need memory care, with an emphasis on sensory stimulation.

At Cherrywood Village, we also offer Adult Day Programs to those individuals who benefit from the joys of daily activities with others in a community structure. We offer specialized programs for those with memory loss to stimulate the intellect and engage individuals in success-oriented interactions.

Adult Day participants and their families can choose how often they would like to attend our program. It is flexible, according to what you want and need. Our Day Program hours typically run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and include lunch. Although some may choose to participate in a full day’s program, others may come for shorter periods of time.


In order to protect the health of our residents and to align with state health recommendations, we have needed to curtail many of our group activities.  We are still offering wellness activities but on a more personalized yet socially distant basis.  Once the threat of COVID-19 has passed we will add back our link to Life Enrichment daily activities.

Our Team

Eric Bressler Regional Vice President, Operations, Louisville
Shawn Northcutt Regional Director of Sales, Louisville
Kathi Miracle Executive Director, Louisville

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