Balfour Blanketeers for Project Linus

Balfour Senior Living communities are not letting the current pandemic keep them from doing good for others outside their communities.  They will likely never meet the recipients of these precious blankets, but knowing that they are going to youngsters in need is reason enough to knit, crochet, sew and even make “no-sew” blankets throughout the month of December.

The Balfour Blanketeers have embraced Project Linus to buoy their hearts and minds and to keep their fingers moving. Making new blankets to comfort children that are seriously ill, traumatized or otherwise in need creates a much-needed daily mission for these seniors.

Coincidentally, Project Linus was started 25 years ago by the daughter of a current Balfour at Littleton resident. The Balfour Blanketeers take pride in knowing of this Balfour connection!

Nikole Bari, Life Enrichment Manager for Balfour at Lavender Farms, says that, “Making these blankets has been a rewarding activity because it is one that can be done in small groups or individually in their apartments, depending on the state of COVID restrictions.”  She also notes that,” Even residents with vision issues, like macular degeneration, are still able to make blankets because the pattern she uses allows visually impaired to simply use their sense of touch to complete the blankets.”

If you would like to contribute blankets to the Balfour Blanketeers, here’s what you need to know when making the blankets:

  • Blankets must be handmade and unused (please, no store-bought).
  • Project Linus does not accept blankets that smell smoky. Some of their recipient children are immune compromised, allergic or very sensitive to the carcinogens . It is extremely difficult to remove tar and nicotine from fibers. A simple wash through a washing machine is not adequate and masking it with Febreze or perfumed fabric softener can exacerbate the situation.
  • If you have pets (and many of us do), please keep them away from the blankets. Some children are allergic to animals and perfumes, so it is imperative that to avoid these irritants contacting the blankets.
  • Any size is acceptable. Project Linus delivers blankets to children ranging from neonatal to young adult. The best size that fits a wide variety of children is approximately 40″ x 60″.
  • When buying polar fleece fabric, please make sure it is NON-PILLING. Otherwise, the fabric will start shredding as soon as a cut is made.
  • If you’re making polar fleece blankets, please trim off BOTH selvage edges before cutting the fringe. Project Linus no longer accepts blankets that have not had their selvage edges removed. They take too much of our volunteer time to fix what could have easily been done properly at the beginning of the project. The selvage is the two side edges that curl up, have pin holes, and test patterns. It only takes a few seconds and makes for a much more attractive blanket.
  • Please do not fringe or put dangling embellishments on blankets intended for babies or young children as they may present a choking hazard.
  • All child and young adult patterns are welcome.
  • Most of the blankets received by Project Linus tend to be traditional female friendly colors and designs- keep in mind that Project Linus serves just as many boys as we do girls.

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