Alzheimer's and Memory Care in Boulder

A New Kind of Continuing Care Retirement Community:

The quality of care received at Balfour’s Alzheimer’s and Memory Care in Boulder, Colorado rests on several key factors. It starts with the dedication, commitment, knowledge and compassion of our memory care communities and the supportive, high-quality care our residents receive. What makes Balfour’s Memory Care in Boulder such an incredibly special place is the principles of care we employ.

1. Our Approach: The key to our approach for living well at Balfour’s Alzheimer’s and Memory Care facility in Boulder begins by creating an elegant, comfortable environment for our residents to enjoy. The personalized care they receive is focused on improving their quality of life and independence, but we aren’t able to achieve this alone. It takes a team of dedicated, caring employees to keep Alzheimer’s and Memory Care residents engaged and active and happy in their lives.

2. Our Exceptional Staff: Our strong, committed team of highly skilled and energetic caregivers and support staff are the driving force behind our success. They provide the quality and depth of care our residents need and deserve. Through continued training and experience, our staff has been able to bring an extra level of attention to the specific needs of memory care residents. Understanding the complexities of memory impairment and its effect on function, sensory, and cognitive awareness is essential. The high skill level of our care staff has allowed them to help residents find the balance between retaining their sense of individuality and their sense of belonging. Both independence and the ability to engage with others are needed. Together, they slow the rate of cognitive decline and improve the quality of life experienced. Helping our Alzheimer’s and Memory Care residents maintain that balance is a fundamental goal of our memory care principles.

3. Validation Therapy: This focuses on engaging care residents in long-term memory recall, which encourages sharing stories and memories from the past. Memory Care staff use this tool and others to help improve the mood and/or confidence of residents with short-term memory loss. Validation Therapy not only boosts their confidence, it can also help people with memory impairment reconnect with others on safe ground. By dragging the listener into the world of the storyteller rather than the storyteller back into their present reality, it’s possible to avoid the confusion and feelings of discouragement when confronting an unfamiliar or unexpected change.

4. Life Enrichment Programs: There are a full range of activities available each month for residents of Alzheimer’s and Memory Care at Balfour – Boulder. These events are created with the understanding of the relationship between staying active and socially engaged with improved memory and slower decline of other functions related to memory loss. The trick is to find that balance again to create just the right amount of activity to keep residents interested and engaged without overstimulating them or boring them into lethargy.

We also do our best to give residents a “quiet space” to engage in an activity when they need a break from the noise and bustle of other groups. Anywhere from 200 to 300 or more activities are available each month through our Life Enrichment Programs, giving residents plenty of options to choose from. Some of what is offered at Balfour’s Alzheimer’s and Memory Care location in Boulder, Colorado may include:

  • Exercise Classes
  • Wellness Walking
  • Volleyball
  • Tai Chi
  • Sing-a-longs
  • Jazz Bands
  • Concerts
  • Gardening
  • Flower Arranging
  • Creative Coloring
  • Art on a Cart
  • Morning News
  • Puzzles and Coffee
  • Word Games
  • Sensory Classes
  • Therapy Birds
  • Club Cocktails
  • World Religions
  • Cinema Nights

5. Concierge Services and Amenities: One of the elements that single out Balfour above other continuing care retirement communities, is the concierge-level amenities we provide. Residents can maintain their autonomy and still be taken care of when needs arise. Here are a few examples of what residents of our Memory Care location in Boulder, Colorado have access to:

  • 24/7 Access to Care Staff and Nurses
  • Weekly Housekeeping and Linen Service
  • Fully Secured Departure Alert System
  • Access to Primary Caregiver Housecalls
  • Preferential Placement for Room or Care-level Changes
  • Complimentary Transportation to and from Appointments
  • Access to Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Outdoor Activities
  • Massage Therapy Services (available for an additional cost)
  • Access to Soaking Tub
  • Onsite Garden and Secure Courtyard Entry
  • Adult Day & Respite Care Programs


  • Executive Chefs
  • Culinary dishes
  • Nutrition/Dietary Accommodations
  • Gluten-free Meals
  • Vegan/Organic Meal Options
  • Diabetic Meal Plans
  • Farm-to-Table Meals
  • Fresh and Seasonal Regional Foods
  • Meals are served three times a day.

There are so many reasons that make Balfour’s Alzheimer’s and Memory Care in Boulder such a great option for continued care. We recommend visiting one of our sites personally to get a better sense of all that Balfour communities have to offer. If you or a loved one are looking for care or interested in finding out more about our services and live-in communities, please visit us online here. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

More Information?

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