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Not all of our residents have gills. Balfour’s signature fish tanks are a hit.

Posted 09/21/12

And there’s a golden pufferfish named Stud Puffin.


An alternative to traditional employee reviews

Posted 03/2/12

Balfour utilizes an alternative approach to the old way of doing things, improving employee morale and resident satisfaction.


Celebrating the grand opening of a new Internal Medicine clinic

Posted 06/1/11

With a nurse practitioner on site four days a week and a physician from Boulder Community Hospital onsite one day a week, Balfour sets a new standard for addressing residents’ health concerns.


Balfour Senior Living Scholarship awarded to local Monarch High School graduate

Posted 05/23/11

We’re pleased to announce the scholarship award to Phoebe Szeton.


Why the iPad appeals to older users

Posted 04/25/11

Residents explore the world with Google Earth on iPads.


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